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2005-01-16 20:47:23
hey void, don't worry about my nick, I was using it before i knew you :) Anyhow, Absolutely excellent music there, I played SC2 eons ago, and it's good to see someone still cares about it. One day when I'm rich, I will remake the game, and give it away

2005-01-14 14:01:26
*chuckles* I'm sure you've come across this, but couldn't help thinking it was some very fine expansive joke of yours;) Just how much of a coincidence is that?..

Edward Lee
2004-12-13 02:52:22
Excellent music. I came in from a search for the Thraddash MOD theme and found much more. I like the new Thraddash remix, too.

Tomer Gabel
2004-10-25 14:30:46
Terrific work on the UQM remixes. Am looking forward to more stuff from you guys!

2004-09-05 17:53:39
Heey :)
Nice page. You should think about updating it though. Your age hasn't been updated in a while ;)

Green Tea
2004-05-04 03:42:55
amazing work with the uqm music, and good website. thank you

2004-04-16 23:47:40
Cooooooooooooooool music!!!

2004-04-12 10:10:58
Just got done playing through The UQM game. I totally love the remixed music. Gret job!

2004-01-08 12:07:50
Whoa! Good site! TiLT, I've fired up the fireplace, and the beach is close by. Come on over ;)

2004-01-07 23:56:08
Just making sure the guestbook still works after moving to MySQL format. :)

2003-11-11 15:50:23
I must say, that without you guys the Ur-Quan Masters Re-Mix project wouldn't be as awesome it is now. Thank you very very much for your effort!!

Gill Bates
2003-11-03 21:34:32
Hi, I love the remixes you've done for the UQM project, especially the Starbase remix. If the rest of your music is just as good you can count me as your #1 fan!

2003-09-28 15:52:21
Aaaaaiiiight! Guta på nætt - or should I say: boys in da hood! E så dåli på ængelsk sjø... Sje bærre på Sjå te å få ut nå æmpetre´a no da!! Schnakkes

2003-09-27 18:31:58
Oh-kay! You did it! Hope somebody signs this thing soon, or we're gonna look like we have no friends. ;)

2003-09-26 17:17:26
Hurray, congrats on figuring out PHP, TiLT. 8)

2003-09-26 15:30:41
Well, I guess I'll be the first one to sign the guestbook.

Hopefully there will be many more posts to come here. :)