Jouni Airaksinen [ E-MAIL ]
Alias: Mark Vera
Nationality: Finnish
Instruments: Orion Platinum 5, Midiman Oxygen 8, Sennheiser e835
Genres: Ambient, soundtrack, new age, electronica, techno, 80s disco
Description: Jouni did not compose music for the original Star Control 2. Besides his musical talents he's a great SC2 fan and a graphician.
Jouni has remixed the following songs:

Druuge - Property of the Crimson Corporation
Hyperspace - Lightyears Away
Kohr-Ah - The Eternal Doctrine
Melee! - The Battle of the Sa-Matra
Mine the Planet Below
Mortal Melee!
Orbit I - To Mine the Heavens
Outfit - Outfit the Vindicator
Quasispace - Mystic Shadows
QuasiSpace - Through the Angles of Space
Red Alert! - Encounter in Space
Solar System - Exploration
Spathi - Fwiffo's Starrunner
Spathi - Safe Haven
Syreen - Close Encounters of the Seventh Kind
Umgah - Genetic Modification

Jouni has written the following original songs:

Main Menu - Control the Stars
Orbit II - Around the Rainbow Worlds
Orbit III - Planet Red Alert
Orbit IV - Cold Tectonics
Super Melee Menu - Fight!
The Sentient Milieu - Ripples in Time

Jouni has remixed the following victory ditties:

Androsynth - Original version: DANDROSY.MOD
Arilou - Original version: DARILOU.MOD
Chenjesu - Original version: DCHENJES.MOD
Chmmr - Original version: DCHMMR.MOD
Druuge - Original version: DDRUUGE.MOD
Earthling - Original version: DHUMAN.MOD
Ilwrath - Original version: DILWRATH.MOD
Kohr-Ah - Original version: DKOHR-AH.MOD
Kzer-Za - Original version: DUR-QUAN.MOD
Melnorme - Original version: DMELNORM.MOD
Mmrnmhrm - Original version: DMMRNMHR.MOD
Mycon - Original version: DMYCON.MOD
Orz - Original version: DORZ.MOD
Pkunk - Original version: DPKUNK.MOD
Shofixti - Original version: DSHOFIXT.MOD
SIS - Original version: VICTORY.MOD
Spathi - Original version: DSPATHI.MOD
Supox - Original version: DSUPOX.MOD
Syreen - Original version: DSYREEN.MOD
Utwig - Original version: DUTWIG.MOD

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