Title: QuasiSpace - Through the Angles of Space
Remix Pack: 2 - Neutral Aliens, Don't Shoot!
Track #: 1
Length: 4:00
Remixed by: Jouni Airaksinen
Original written by: Kevin Palivec
Remix of: QUASI.MOD
Comments: This was my first remix for the remixing project. This is a re-mixed version of the remix I made back in April - arragment is still the same. I consider this as one of the best remixes I've made.

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User Comments:

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May 2nd, 2010 - 23:59:26

Too many ideas in a single track.
Cut that cello out, QuasiSpace is not a depressive space, we all want to visit it, ain't we? ^_^


April 14th, 2010 - 20:55:58

For my point of view this is definitely the best remix of the whole project.
I like it even more then any original theme.
And it shoul be music for Hyperspace - more time in-game is spent there, not in Quasi.

Drew Pan
December 16th, 2009 - 12:38:55

I wrote in the other remix that it missed out on the soothing "comfort blanket" feeling of the original, and the drums and majestic feeling of this one sorta does that too.

Nice, but like most ppl said it's more suited for hyperspace and the "maiden voyage through the galaxy".

November 9th, 2008 - 09:37:19

Personally, I like how majestic this remix sounds, but in all honesty, the cymbals, percussion, flute and the like makes this version, how you say, a wee bit TOO epic given the more mysterious yet soothing nature of the original. If not for the melody, I'd have thought this would be more appropriate for use in Hyperspace instead. Make no mistake, however, that I don't hate this remix, and it's a nice take on the old Quasispace theme.

April 23rd, 2007 - 03:25:30

This is absolutely amazing. I've never heard anything so majestically enigmatic in my entire life. Now, I have something to look forward to everytime I jump to quasispace in SC2

September 25th, 2006 - 20:36:02

This song feels so soothing. It makes me feel like I am flying!

Thalion Liche
March 16th, 2006 - 18:41:36

Absolutely awesome!!! :-)

According to my humble personal opinion probably the best piece of music ever made... I love it!!!

February 23rd, 2006 - 22:20:06

Snakecharmer: Are you thinking of the 3DO Quasispace theme? That one is completely different from the PC one, which has the much more soothing arpeggios in this version. Not that I didn't like the 3DO theme... but not for Quasispace. Too sinister.

February 19th, 2006 - 20:18:25

This is a very good song on its own but I can't see how it is a remix of the Quasispace theme. By the way, do you guys do anything else professionally? Other than the SC series?

February 10th, 2006 - 06:42:08

If there is ever a Star Control movie, you must be involved with the music.
The drums capture the majestic and epic feel of space exploration, also the retro and kind of sentimental aspect.
I'd more place this track though, in ordinary Hyperspace as its slow paced, which would make an excellent counterpart to mystic shadows if it was used in Quasispace, as its more to the point.

January 31st, 2006 - 09:53:43

Totally awesome song! It makes me want to write a space game just to use this song as the intro!

November 6th, 2005 - 13:59:09

I am not quite sure how the percussion at the beginning works in the game, perhaps it can be made work better by fading in from the middle sometimes.

The first thing to come into my mind when I played this is the Silk road tune. Very similar feel to this.

September 2nd, 2005 - 03:06:25

I remember 15 years ago, when travelling in space I met another dimension. Then I heard music comes to my ears. It was another D music, it was another D game, and I am happy I have got that feeling again.

Great remix. Great job.

August 21st, 2005 - 16:20:15

After Comparing the remixes:

QuasiSpace - Through the Angles of Space


Quasispace - Mystic Shadows

I like QuasiSpace - Through the Angles of Space better.

Quasispace - Mystic Shadows sounds like a childs toy for the melody. Mabye a Xylophone for adults instead. Then I might like Quasispace - Mystic Shadows better.

I think both could stand some tweaking. Overall Good job. Keep at it.

January 16th, 2005 - 06:15:11

A worthy successor to the original; perhaps a little lengthy for in-game trips in Quasispace, but a song that conveys the mystery and alien feel of what is supposed to be a strange dimension compared to Hyperspace (even if it's just a green variation on it in the game)

john loco palmer
December 28th, 2004 - 14:51:48

hey, where's the beauty and calmness of the original theme!? the percussion really doesn't fit, the piano notes add some really unnecessary over-sentimental feeling... ah, sorry. not my cup of tea really!

July 28th, 2004 - 03:21:45

This song is my favorite for now. I never played sc2 but by listening to this, I presume that it is a very good game ! Great ! :)

July 2nd, 2004 - 17:29:38

I strongly agree with Marcus below -- I think the percussion adds a feeling of majesty that perfectly fits travelling through Quasispace. I liked the old theme a lot for its simplicity, but always felt the main reason for its simplicity was the limitations of four-channel MOD files. The new one retains that sense of innocence the old one had, while adding an overlying feeling of "something larger" than the player.

Alex Volkov
February 23rd, 2004 - 07:37:45

Too bad we do not stay in HyperSpace long enoungh to hear it in its entirety! :-)

Mark Vera
February 22nd, 2004 - 21:11:25

There's bonus track with a bit simplified with no percussions in the pack.

Marcus Lycus
February 10th, 2004 - 17:53:55

I like the percussion! It adds a little epic flavor to travelling in QuasiSpace - a new, mysterious way of travelling never thought of before. Please, keep the percussion in.

aki latvamäki
February 7th, 2004 - 18:08:58

I agree. You should definitely remove the percussion. They are horrible! And think twice about the piano styled sounds. Maybe you could change them to something more soothing. With a little work (and de-orchestrating) you could get a decent quasispace feeling out of this track.

January 26th, 2004 - 03:46:34

Very good, but I would like to see another version with less (if any at all) percussion and just make it more... trancy/mystical/ambient/ravish (getting a good nonpercussive beat). But what do I know? Either way, awesome song.

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