Title: Supox - Shake Yer Rootz
Remix Pack: 4 - The New Alliance of Free Stars
Track #: 12
Length: 3:54
Remixed by: András Barják
Original written by: Aaron Grier
Remix of: SUPOX.MOD

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March 6th, 2014 - 05:02:03

When this song started playing, a nice, sunny day in Vlik came in mind... happy Supoxes getting a tan on a beach ^_^

September 11th, 2011 - 03:25:16

I gotta say that this fits the Supox a lot more than the previous theme. More of the Sunshine theme, but then later it goes on to Rain themed. Like what you did there, since Supox are plants [plants need sun and water].

David H. Bronke
June 7th, 2011 - 20:40:00

Lovely guitar work in this one! I think it definitely fits the Supox quite well. At some point I'll have to learn the guitar line and see if I can convince some friends to help me play it live.

May 3rd, 2010 - 00:42:54

No, that's not Supox.
No sunlight, no spore flying in the air, no smell of the soil, no nothing. The first part is great but then it turns to a show which represents the talent of the composer - and also the fact that he's never met a single Supox before ^_^

(As a song, 7/10)

And the original one was NOT f---ed up. Simply A-Major f#-minor diatonic, dissolved in an e-minor later.

June 3rd, 2009 - 18:49:57

First, I have to say that I applaud all of the effort and enthusiasm that has come from the 'Precursors' and everyone involved in the UQM and related projects - THANKS!

I have to say though, that I would rather these albums be called something more along the lines of "Inspired Works" because really aside from tracks like the Vux, Thraddash, and starbase themes, the essence of most race themes has been lost.

Supox was one of, if not my favorite original themes, and the "second half" of the song, as I like to call it has been totally ruined in this arrangement. The original second half was full of mystery and a deep knowledge, and now it has been transformed into a quirky, silly sounding jam.

I'm not saying these works are "bad", just in my opinion they do not capture the original feeling of the game. They are either too atonal/amelodic, or way too upbeat/youthful to deserve to be in game replacements. Kohr-ah remix? Yehat remix... they barely pay homage to their originals...

Still, great work on the compilations, these tracks are really great, but I'd like to see them portrayed as spinoff-inspired-by works rather than remixes.

Keep up the good work guys!


Sod Tod
February 26th, 2009 - 09:44:09

This is one of my favorite remixes. It gets everything I liked about the original and makes it even better. My feet just won't stop tapping as I listen!

November 26th, 2008 - 22:11:47

I would have prefered something more like the original. Sorry, just doesn't have the same atmosphere, feeling.

You lose the "essence" when you change all the samples.

Fine adjusting the I think "speed" of the sample would have solved your "tone problem" in the original but mod trackers at the time probably didn't have this function.

András Barják
January 14th, 2008 - 18:45:49

Haha, recording it real would be a fun. Anyway the guitars are real and the while the piano is sampled it is played live too.
Anyway, thanks for your feedback and note that the original was SOOOOO FUCKED UP tonally. Aaaargh. It was real hard to find it out what the problem was with those mischanged scales. Any of you being a musician should check out the difference :-)
Okay, matter of viewpoint. I could say, it's not fucked up, but rather... um... avant-garde ;-)

May 28th, 2007 - 01:02:56

record this song with a real jazzband and it will be one of the best songs in the game! a real band could add this little extra feeling.would sound a little more organic, for synthesized sounds are always a little bit too perfect and clean

July 21st, 2006 - 13:43:45

I see what you mean about the surftastically sunny bit, it really fits the supox well.

March 14th, 2006 - 15:59:49

Quite excellent. The original had a bit of a rave sound to it; this retools the song to a funky beat. If only the Supox in game were lively enough to deserve such a musical uplifting!

March 1st, 2006 - 08:51:43

My fav part is at 2nd part and the part after 3:10, lifts the spirit up. Very nice work.

March 1st, 2006 - 07:14:44

Almost surftastically sunny with those steel-string, just the way a plant would like it. I like how this remains true to the basic melody and structure of the original while opening up the sound a lot with the more analog-sounding instrument.s

February 10th, 2006 - 17:32:15

Excellent! =) Friendly and groovy, just like the Supox.

February 8th, 2006 - 22:54:46

Veeeeeeery nice :P, it starts off all happy with what the Supox really are, then it really kicks in showing what these plants are really made of, so they are saying that they are nice plants, but if you push them too far (note "I'm fond of brocolli with some cheese") they'll sort you out :D

January 31st, 2006 - 21:00:06

Very funky and absolutely awesome! Two thumbs up for this remix!

January 30th, 2006 - 15:49:02

Undeniably funky. Those little steel-guitar-sounding sections make it seem less alien, but characteristically it is well fitted for a race as benign and pleasant as the Supox.

January 28th, 2006 - 19:28:31

I like the jazzy melody and it suits the Supox perfectly. The performance just feels a little plain -- it lacks that sentient touch. I can't quite put my finger on why.

January 27th, 2006 - 19:22:46

Shake yer rootz is right, very jazzy

January 25th, 2006 - 21:48:32

Dig that funky music, plant boy! A real groovy tune.

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