Title: Hyperspace - Across the Galaxy
Remix Pack: 2 - Neutral Aliens, Don't Shoot!
Track #: 5
Length: 4:12
Remixed by: Riku Nuottajärvi
Original written by: Riku Nuottajärvi
Remix of: HYPER.MOD
Comments: The 3do remix of classic Hyperspace -theme was really good remake of my original song. This time, 10 years after, I wanted to do something totally different. Hopefully you enjoy the new "chill out" feeling of the song.

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October 4th, 2014 - 07:15:12

Ha, guess this one's kind of controversial, huh? I like it a lot and enjoy hearing it kick in anytime I leave a solar system. I was introduced to SC2 via UQM, so I never had the "original eperience" but having listened to the MOD, frankly, it sounds antiquated, especially with that early 80's Rush-esque synth.

The original also sounds more like "wow, we're in hyperspace!" whereas this track sounds more like "yup, another cruise through hyperspace." A lot of people are saying this track is too chill or relaxed but honestly, once you've upgraded the thrusters and can outrun anything in hyperspace (and given those confounded probes, you probably do this as quickly as possible), hyperspace -is- routine! I mean come on, most of the time you're on auto-pilot!

Anyway, this is a good track and well suited to its place in the game. Lots of details to be heard and it doesn't get boring--which is good since you're probably on auotpilot and you probably will be for some time...

December 27th, 2012 - 02:15:14

Should have written this long, long ago, but better now than never. Thank you for writing the song I've quite likely heard the most in my life. When great music comes to mind, Hyperspace is right at the top of the list.

My favorite is quite honestly the original .mod, or a very similar remix (Re-enter by Mark Vera), but this is awesome too.

Again, huge thanks!

June 17th, 2011 - 20:07:40

I guess I was so attached to the original hyperspace music, I didn't give this the time or attention it deserved. After not playing for a while and reflecting on this game this remix drew me back to this page just to hear it! I think this is now my favorite! Great Job!!!!

Mad Dog
August 12th, 2010 - 09:24:30

Replacement . . . no, but, everyone seems to like it. I do myself. It is a very interesting take on the hyperspace song. In fact the more I hear it the more I like it. This song deserves a special spot in the game series I think. (it can always be used somewhere)

May 2nd, 2010 - 23:44:17

That's simply not the one.
Not a bad track but WHY why was the winning formula changed? What's this, g-minor instead of E-Major? Oh, My Gods!
That's not Hyperspace at all. That's a dancing lady in a 40-squaremetres-room, red veil, blue lights.
(The part starting at 1:10 is really, really great, on the other hand.)


November 14th, 2007 - 05:21:55

Great job but I feel the other one better. I bet you could get a club to play Light Years Away.

March 9th, 2007 - 05:40:43

Ya know, I commented earlier about this cut vs the other one on the fourth pack. I still like that one better. It much better (for me) captures the original feel of the .MOD However, listening to this one again, I feel that I would have *MUCH* prefered to be listening to this as the back ground music for SC3!!!

justin chang
February 17th, 2007 - 00:45:41

it just doesn't have enough energy for me. I get he crusing feel, but not the cruising around the galaxy in hyperspace feel.

February 5th, 2007 - 10:53:12

I originally shared some of the opinions of others when I first heard this song. I felt it was too 'different' from the original and had a little trouble seeing past that. But I put it in my play-list and have had a few times hearing it now. I guess I just needed the original song wiped from my head to fully appreciate this one. I dunno which I think is better, but I totally love it. I felt it had, at the very least, captured the spirit of the original song. It was easy to listen to this song and imagine a ship cruising through hyperspace. I've heard a number of re-mixes in my time and often there's the temptation to change a song without realizing what the change is that's being made. (I'd cite several Doctor Who theme remixes to illustrate that point.) Seriously, I could imagine somebody throwing in an unh-tiss-uhn-tiss drum track in it and calling it done. But this time around, it was like the spirit of the song was still there, just a different color. Well, poo, I don't know how to use words to describe music. The point is, I think it was well done and I commend the effort that went into it. It's different, but to me, it's not worse for it. I just needed a little time adjusting to it. Come to think of it, I had the same opinion of the 3DO one after growing to love the PC-MOD version. Hehe.


p.s. Where would I go to acquire permission to use this song in a demo reel?

September 28th, 2006 - 04:55:37

I think just about every song on this site is an improvement on the orgional-except this one. It worked on my way to the fatigue point, but after that I'm in hyperspace for 30 seconds tops. Not that it isn't cool. It just needs to get to the point faster.

I also liked the chime tune on the origional and missed it here.

January 17th, 2006 - 18:13:39

It's a very interesting one, but I still can't forget the original, though the remix that appears in UQM is better.

January 3rd, 2006 - 00:17:57

make the track go in fast forward and it will be good.

December 23rd, 2005 - 20:49:01

What it comes down to is the soul/energy/magic/atmosphere/spark .. whatever you want to call it, I choose the word 'energy'. The original had it, this new version seems to have lots of fancy trickery and effects and stuff but it does not have the soul. This happens a lot in this world .. when something soulful is made, then remixes/new versions of it are made, which lack the soul totally, and add only technical stuff, only soulless effects and all.

For me this new song didn't offer anything. The old song is still my inspiration and goal in composing.. some day I will compose a song that has as much soul and bright 'space'-energy ...

- Monk

November 19th, 2005 - 07:23:20

I think the new arrangement is interesting, however I have to side with others who prefered the original.

There is, in my opinion, a wonderful remix of the original hyperspace that can be found on the overclocked remix website (www.ocremix.org).

Just look for game music under star control 2.
I think it might be a good compromise between the original hyperspace and the remix made for UQM.

September 6th, 2005 - 04:44:50

I never really heard the original, but I like this one. I think it suits the game well.

August 21st, 2005 - 10:39:36

In order to hear any resemblence I must play the remix at 2x speed. Please make one truer to the original. The original tune was one of the most memorable things about Star Control II. It would be a shame to see it not be in the game. Please do this one right. This is not the one.

August 13th, 2005 - 19:38:34

I prefured the origal

July 19th, 2005 - 05:53:27

This was my absolute favorite song in the original...I guess I just expected it to have the same punch as the original and somehow it doesn't.

I think it's too much...techno dance music. There's aren't enough melodic ideas in it. The original had a really solid hook that you guys didn't even use! I suppose if you're into the whole techno thing it would be neat though.

I saw the original music as more prog rockish, especially on the drums...now its just techno!

May 31st, 2005 - 18:22:02


I agree in that the remix does not fully hit the feeling of the original hyperspace soundtrack, though it is quite good as well. I too would be interested in a new version of the plain old track employing some decent samples.

Live long and prosper.

March 14th, 2005 - 01:50:25

an excellent tune, personally, i love it more than the original :)

January 16th, 2005 - 06:12:22

Another great stand-alone track; Riku's art definitely needed technology to improve to showcase. It seems long for in-game trips, but I've always found the original was a little too jarring (even if it was one of my favorites). This is a good spin on the song, and if it could be selected as an alternate for long trips somehow then I feel it would be better showcased in the game.

December 23rd, 2004 - 00:12:18

Ahh.. After completing StarCon2 for about 10 times, I have grown attached to this song. Just close yer eyes and listen..

November 30th, 2004 - 21:17:51

For in game use, it takes too long to get started (the original jumped right into the swing of things). I mean the theme is first exposed around 0:35, which is longer than most Hyperspace trips. So if somehow the beginning were elided and we jumped in somewhere around minute 2, it would work fine for in-game purposes.

For independent listening, though, don't change anything.

And what ARE those voice samples?

October 22nd, 2004 - 10:02:56

Superb work. This is my second favorite remix (the first being the Starbase theme). The part about thirty seconds in where the synth winds down to showcase the original mod beat is really fantastic. Rock on, Riku!

August 27th, 2004 - 04:22:44

This song is okay by itself, but it should NEVER replace the hyperspace theme. The hyperspace song was easily the best song of SC2. I like the Saibuster Remix on The Pages of Now & Forever the best by of all the various Hyperspace remixes I have listed to.

August 17th, 2004 - 13:38:19

I cant quite figure out what the voices in the background say.. sounds partly english, partly finnish, and i at least recognized something like "ancient race"...?

July 18th, 2004 - 08:29:09

The song itself is very very awsome indeed, but I think I would have to go with the 3DO version over it. The 3D0 version just always seems to hit the spot for me.

July 14th, 2004 - 22:14:40

I like the new version! It makes long voyages pass in a breeze. Far more interesting than the original!

July 13th, 2004 - 12:57:35

I didn't care for this one as much. The Hyperspace theme is the song that I remember SC2 by, I guess it's because I've heard it so much. Good work and all, but this can't replace the original for me.

July 2nd, 2004 - 17:42:53

This was another one of those songs that I didn't like at first, and has grown on me a bit. But I still have to agree with below -- the chill-out sound is great, but I always felt like the quiet, chill-out music in SC2 was reserved for being in planetary systems and in orbit, while Hyperspace would have the harder, techno "traveling" music. On the other hand, if there were several Hyperspace themes -- based, for example, on what equipment you had on your flagship at the time, or what part of the game it was -- I could see this one being worked in to the mix very well.

June 4th, 2004 - 23:38:55

As you've written, it's a good chill-out song, but I have to agree with the first two posts - I'm missing the excitement here in this song, the special aura from the original mod/3do version. I'd rather the 3do version.. Sorry.

February 29th, 2004 - 00:46:02

Hey there...
I'm going to have to say...leave this one alone or use gregs version.

aki latvamäki
February 6th, 2004 - 23:19:35

The Hyperspace track was imo one of the best tracks in sc2. You haven't really caught the same mood of traveling in space -kind of feeling in the new track. The new one as a song is very good, but i will miss the mood of the original. It would be very nice to hear a version of the mod with fresh and punchy sounds.

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