Name: Espen Gätzschmann
Nick: TiLT
Age: 26

Espen Gätzschmann was born in Trondheim, Norway 21. November 1979. He never had much interest in music, and was often quoted saying that he "had heard no music he really liked". The reason for this wouldn't be apparent for many years.

At an early age, he saved up money and bought a keyboard of the kind that is made for kids. This must have been a mystery for those that had heard of his dislike of music, for he was often heard playing the keyboard for hours at end. This interest in keyboards and synthesizers would never dwindle, although the keyboard sadly did. For a period of many years, he had no access to such musical equipment.

The replacement would come through his interest in computers. The Commodore 64 didn't satisfy. Having to manually program every note in an environment with only three channels proved a bit daunting to a young boy. Things improved considerably when he got an Amiga 500, and for the first time in his life, saw a tracker program. This was the OctaMED.

A few years later, and he had a PC. The demo scene brought his attention to the popular Scream Tracker, which became his tracker of choice for years to come, only to be replaced by Impulse Tracker 2. With the emergence of Windows XP, support for DOS-based trackers dwindled, and Espen stopped composing music for a couple of years. When he discovered the joys of professional music software, he once again started playing around with new compositions.

Today, Espen runs his own game development company. Along with coding duties, he also creates music and sound effects for the company's games using Pro-Tools with high-end samplers and his JV-1010 synthesizer module.