Name: Tore Aune Fjellstad
Nick: VOiD
Age: 24

Tore Aune Fjellstad was born in Lillehammer, Norway 20 March 1979. Unlike TiLT, he has always had a considerable interest in music and over the years has acquired a liking for most musical approaches and styles imaginable, much to the frustration of those who have had to share living quarters with him at various points in his life.

Picking up the guitar at 6, he had played in several bands before even reaching his teens, and this tendency seemed to grow worse by the hour. When he was in his mid-teens, he had grown tired of the endless routine of forming band - rehearsing - breaking up, and decided not to play in bands anymore (by this time, he had been lead singer, guitarist, bassist and drummer in innumerable bands, playing punk, metal, rock, blues, industrial and avant-garde). Instead, he turned his focus to an approach to composing that he had recently discovered: tracking.

During the next six years, he tracked prodigiously, improving his skills by leaps and bounds; learning, too, from studying the techniques of existing masters of the trade, most notably Skaven and Purple Motion. Most of the music he made during this period has not been released, as VOiD feels it is not of sufficient quality.

VOiD still does the odd bit of composing in Impulse Tracker, and works his fingers around the occasional guitar noodlings, but is more often found hitting his head against the wall repeatedly, in search of the ultimate in realistic-sounding percussion. Or was that frustration? I forget.

He is currently the proud owner of one vintage Framus bass, a Fender Precision bass, one Fender Stratocaster guitar (Squire-type, sadly), a Washburn six-string acoustic, and two battered and old unnamed acoustic guitars. He has also recently aquired a Zoom 505 effects module, and is planning on investing in a Wah-Wah and a mandolin in the near future.