Title: Starbase - Under a Red Sky
Remix Pack: 1 - Super Melee!
Track #: 1
Length: 5:51
Remixed by: Espen G├Ątzschmann and Tore Aune Fjellstad
Original written by: Dan Nicholson
Comments: The idea for this remix came from the background image displayed when the original song was played: a starbase orbiting a slave-shielded Earth. We decided to reflect this in the music by making it sad and eerie, and by drawing on various cultural musical styles.

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November 2nd, 2015 - 06:59:08

One of my favorite songs

October 4th, 2014 - 06:44:06

This is just a beautiful piece, the perfect prologue to the entire story, and the perfect opening track to the entire collection. It lays out the purpose of the game cleanly and elegantly as a simple reminder: if you fail, all Earth's cultures, its history, its music, everything we stand for, and everything we ever did will be locked away. Forever.

This track is perfectly executed, drawing on different forms of music and integrating them in, and the bridge with the bagpipes speaks to the soul. It deserves far more than a menu screen. I imagine this track playing at the very start of the game as a sort of prelude (Star Trek I style). Slow fade in as the sun rises over a shot of Earth from space. Earth sheathed in a blood-red slave shield. Fade out, 10 seconds of silence and blackness before the main intro starts.

May 17th, 2014 - 13:01:39

The best remix ever!

March 18th, 2013 - 20:54:24

After 9 and a half years, this is still my favourite remix in the set. Congratulations on releasing pack 4, you guys!

September 3rd, 2009 - 08:27:01

This extraordinary piece actually helped me get through my training, calming my mind while I dealt with constant stress, sleep deprivation, and physical exhaustion.
I still often listen to it before beginning my day, or at night when I need to relax.

October 9th, 2008 - 10:07:20

I don't even remember what the original sounded like, but I like this theme alot. Definitely up there as one of my favourites for its slow, soothing feel.

Jeremy Gibson
April 27th, 2008 - 00:58:16

This is my favourite piece from the Precursors soundtrack. The style is sweet and harrowing at the same time, and the temporary segue into the melody at 4:30 is downright beautiful.

April 22nd, 2007 - 19:10:20

Wow! Nice stuff! Bring back the pkunk!

ur-quan master #3
March 7th, 2007 - 21:52:03

This makes me want to put some new stuff on my ship, and fill it up with fuel.....or maby just hang out next to the station.

December 14th, 2006 - 12:13:34

This is absolutely beautiful and a great tribute to the original tune.

November 23rd, 2006 - 03:23:52

For some reason, this song puts me to sleep. Captures the feeling that you would get by looking up and seeing nothing but bloody redness, but it just isn't the same. It doesn't give you the "Starbase is standing by" feeling the old one gave you.

October 14th, 2005 - 08:46:32

this is so cool you guys decided to do this project and make it available as in-game upgrades and as separate downloads. killer tunes.


September 6th, 2005 - 04:41:10

Wow... this one is amazing. I love it.

Great job, I look forward to all of the remixes.

July 28th, 2005 - 19:43:52

Hauntingly beautiful and melancholy. Makes a great standalone piece of music. A++

July 2nd, 2005 - 10:06:09

I love this song!

April 19th, 2005 - 05:17:58

When you can feel the emotion eminating from a song, its bound to be great.

Mad Mike
April 2nd, 2005 - 06:26:33

Most impressive.

January 16th, 2005 - 06:07:54

This is a great stand-alone track, and although some sounds and voices may seem misplaced at first they all fit together well. I feel sorry for it, being placed in the game where the almost none of the track will be heard; I especially find the transition near the end around the 4:20 mark to be very well done. Thanks, guys.

john loco palmer
December 28th, 2004 - 14:44:09

sounds very big and nice, except for enigma-like voices... they just don't fit at all.

September 27th, 2004 - 22:11:12

It's indeed very good. Equal and even better then the original. One slight comment though: I think the flute and those other blowinstruments(?) in the beginning are maybe a wee bit too pronounced. I mean, if I set the song in my normal volume, it really gets a bit too highpitched and uncomfortable on the ears. Ofcourse I can set it much lower, but then the more soft parts are almost not hearable. It isn't really a matter of volume, but more that, like I said, those high sounds just come on a bit too strongly in comparison with the rest.

Maybe making them a wee bit less pronounced would help, but for the rest it really is very good music.

September 23rd, 2004 - 04:08:35

I really love this remix. This song as som much emotion packed into. You could almost imagine being under the red sky.
Great Job!

August 30th, 2004 - 18:37:39

I lurve this so much I burned it on a CD. :) It fits driving on a rainy day.

July 18th, 2004 - 08:17:57

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOW!!! Very close and in touch with the original. Absolutely wonderful!

July 15th, 2004 - 15:38:32

My god.

...I'm nearly speechless.

Simply amazing. Beautiful.

Sampo V.
July 6th, 2004 - 19:56:19

Can't say much about this masterpiece: this is definitely a classic. The other UQM remixes are good also, but so far none have reached the ultimate quality of Starbase - Under A Red Sky.

Absolutely stunning.

July 2nd, 2004 - 18:07:32

What a great feeling of global helplessness! The idea of all the world's music styles coming together in a tremendously sad chorus of despair was executed *perfectly*. It's really a shame the player doesn't typically hear this in the game a lot, since it's only played on the one starbase menu. It would be nice to have this as the background music for the entire Sol system, now that I think about it. Considering your ship is as slow as a snail when the game starts, you'd get the chance to hear a lot of it.

All in all, this song made me feel monumentally depressed on a beautiful sunny day, which is a tribute to what a great job you did.

May 28th, 2004 - 22:48:15

I'm lost for words.. You two are simply amazing!! (and !)

these are the times I wish I knew how to write tracks, so I could express myself in the appropriate lingo..

I like the way you put it all together - from reading your bio I'd be guessing it's the combination of the musical experience with computers on the one hand and the guitar/bass/fx on the other that makes this sound so great and professional.

I especially liked the variations on the drums here, and the (excellent 'real' samples of) chorus in the background (imo, both could be utilized in some other remixes here to make them even better *cough* druuge *cough* ;)

March 22nd, 2004 - 03:04:09


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